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Alive in the Nuclear Age

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A two-volume video anthology of short programs about nuclear issues and the arms race for classroom use with students aged 11 to 16, Alive in the Nuclear Age includes contributions from distinguished broadcasters Gwynne Dyer and David Suzuki. The hosts are young peace activists, Désirée McGraw and Maxime Faille, who in 1987 toured Canada leading discussions about the nuclear age in more than 300 high schools. Volume I of the anthology includes the following programs: What Canadian Youth Are Saying, What Soviet Youth Are Saying, The Road to Total War (excerpt), The First Atomic Bombs, No More Hiroshima (excerpt), and Canada's Nuclear Technology. Volume II features these titles: Push Button Weapons, How Nuclear War Might Start, The End of War: Nuclear Winter, The International Peace Movement, Guns or Shoes and The Big Snit.

1989, 172 min 05 s

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National Educational Media Network Competition
Du 20 au 25 mai 1992, Oakland - États-Unis