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Baby Blues

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Baby Blues, a fast-paced drama made especially for teenage viewers, is a compelling discussion-starter on the topics of sex, responsibility, and contraception. Kristen appears to have it made--she's bright, she's talented, she's popular. Her world begins to crumble when she suspects that she may be pregnant. Suddenly she and steady boyfriend Jason are forced to face some difficult questions. Will they keep the baby? What are their feelings about abortion? What about adoption? How will their choice affect their future plans? Baby Blues reflects the teenage point of view without moralizing or sugar-coating the issue. This open-ended film presents options without giving advice. It dramatizes the consequences of ignoring birth control in a way that breaks through the "it can't happen to me" barrier. Appropriate for classroom use, including: Sexuality Education, Family Life Studies, Values Education and Contemporary Issues.

1990, 24 min 30 s

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mention d'honneur - catégorie: films traitant de la sexualité des jeunes
Itinérant - National Council on Family Relations
Du 15 au 20 novembre 1991, Denver - États-Unis

prix Silver Apple - catégorie: films sur la santé - niveau secondaire
National Educational Media Network Competition
Du 15 au 19 mai 1991, Oakland - États-Unis