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The Phoenix

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The ancient myth of the phoenix, the legendary bird with the amazing power of self-regeneration, is reborn with a modern twist. In this animated adaptation of a story by Sylvia Townsend Warner, we follow Lord Strawberry's search for the fabled bird. He finds it in the deserts of Arabia and brings it home to his aviary. Upon Lord Stawberry's death, however, the phoenix ends up as a sideshow in a fairground. This spirited satire of human foibles, with its timely message about our treatment of nature's creatures, will appeal to young people and adults alike.

1990, 10 min 34 s

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prix Bronze Apple - catégorie: littérature / niveau secondaire (2e cycle)
National Educational Media Network Competition
Du 20 au 25 mai 1992, Oakland - États-Unis

Meilleur film d'animation
Itinérant - CAVE (Catholic Audio-Visual Educators) Media Festival
Du 20 au 23 avril 1992, St. Louis - États-Unis