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A Song for Tibet

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A land of snow and mountains, of burgundy-clad monks and prayer wheels--this mythical image of Tibet hides the tragedy of a forgotten people. Since the invasion of their territory by China some forty years ago, Tibetans have been struggling for cultural and political survival in a world surprisingly indifferent to their plight. Filmed in the Indian Himalayas and in Canada, A Song for Tibet tells the dramatic story of the efforts by Tibetans-in-exile, including the Dalai Lama, to save their homeland and preserve their heritage against overwhelming odds.

1991, 56 min 41 s

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Prix Blue Ribbon - catégorie: Affaires internationales / Asie
Itinérant - American Film and Video Festival
Du 28 au 31 mai 1992, Chicago - États-Unis

Prix du public décerné au meilleur documentaire
Festival international du film d'Hawaii
1 novembre 1991, Kauai - États-Unis