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Making Babies

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From a high tech marketplace in Paris, to the work being done at a fertility clinic in London, Ontario and a surrogacy centre in Los Angeles, Making Babies takes a critical look at reproductive technology and provides a chilling account of its development and use. Through interviews with doctors, drug salesmen, infertile women, surrogates, and social critics and feminist activists like Gena Corea, the film explores the origins and application of the technology and the dangers it may pose to women and to society as a whole.

1992, 50 min 50 s

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Mention d'honneur - catégorie: Sciences et nature
Itinérant - American Film and Video Festival
Du 26 au 30 mai 1993, Chicago - États-Unis

Prix de mérite - catégorie: Documentaire
Itinérant - Evaluation Nationale des Images de Femmes dans média (Mediawatch)
14 novembre 1992, Ottawa - Canada