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First Nations, The Circle Unbroken - Video 3

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The third of seven volumes which make up an anthology of 23 films dealing with issues related to First Nations peoples. Included in this volume: Excerpts from Potlatch and Box of Treasures make up Potlatch: When the Potlatch was suppressed by the Canadian government, the Kwag'ulh people resisted. Today the Potlatch is part of self-government (22 min.); an abridged version of Time Immemorial: The Nisga'a have been resisting the seizure of their lands in the Nass Valley for 130 years. In 1972 they won a Supreme Court decision confirming their unextinguished title to the land (22 min.); an abridged version of Uranium: First Nations communities near uranium mines feel the impact of sixty years of radioactive pollution (23 min.).

1993, 67 min 03 s