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The Art of the Animator Part III

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The animation films presented in this dynamic 3-part series demonstrate a variety of principles and techniques, from the traditional to the experimental. In Parts 1 and 2, the animators discuss their works in progress while excerpts from the finished films provide a stunning illustration of the frame-by-frame process of animation. In Part 3, the films are presented in their intirety.

Ishu Patel--Paradise
Within the crystal chambers of a glittering palace, a magnificent bird performs for its Emperor--while a blackbird watches enviously. (15:20)

Caroline Leaf--The Street
Based on a short story by Mordecai Richler, Leaf beautifully renders a little boy's feelings and observations as his grandmother dies in the back bedroom that he wants to have. (10:12)

John Weldon--Elephantrio
An elephant sits down to read himself a story about the journey of our souls. (9:20)

George Ungar--The Wanderer
Based on a short story by Michel Tremblay, The Wanderer is a tale of temptation, greed and violence involving the men and women of an idyllic village and a sinister stranger. (11:18)

Co Hoedeman--charles and François
A young boy's desire to understand his grandfather is given a unique twist when they both grow old together. (15: 24)

Gayle Thomas--A Sufi Tale
Based on an old Persian parable, the inhabitants of a village overcome their fear of the unknown and learn to work together. (8:16)

Jacques Drouin--Nightangel
A romantic story of a man's obsession with a mysterious and benign spirit. (18:41)

1993, 88 min 42 s

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