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Folk Art Found Me

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Who are these people from Nova Scotia!? and what is folk art!? Folk Art Found Me is a direct and humorous documentary that allows the artist to explain what real folk art is. These artists have a raw, passionate inspiration to create, entirely without pretension. In one instance, the three Naugler brothers--Bradford, Leo and Ransford--from Lunenburg County tell the story, one by one, of how they switched from auto-body work to sculpture and painting. Other featured artists are Sidney Howard, Wesley Hubley, Eddie Mandaggio, Garnet McPhail and Harry Whitney. The film includes the views of two curators, "Mister Folk Art of America," Bert Hemphill and Chris Huntington. Folk Art Found Me provides a knowledgeable, visceral view of the subject, celebrating these internationally recognized artists. It snaps along with great wit and is, in the end, an inspiration for everybody.

1993, 29 min 49 s

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Prix d'Argent - catégorie: Documentaire
Expo of Short Film and Video
Du 21 au 23 novembre 1996, New York - États-Unis

Statuette Chris
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 22 au 24 octobre 1996, Columbus - États-Unis

prix Silver Apple
National Educational Media Network Competition
18 mai 1996, Oakland - États-Unis

Prix spécial du Jury
Big Muddy Film Festival
Du 23 février au 3 mars 1996, Carbondale - États-Unis

Prix Silver CINDY
Itinérant - International CINDY Competition
Du 23 février au 3 mars 1996, Spring Valley - États-Unis

Prix WorldMedal - catégorie: Beaux-arts et métiers
The New York Festivals / Festival Competition
19 janvier 1996, New York - États-Unis

Certificat de mérite - Division film et vidéo - catégorie: Art éducatif
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
Du 20 avril au 4 mai 1995, San Francisco - États-Unis

Plaque d'Or - catégorie: Arts et lettres
Festival international du film
Du 6 au 23 octobre 1994, Chicago - États-Unis

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