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Twelve-year-olds in the 90s. They're restless and insecure. They make clumsy attempts at growing up and successful attempts at breaking rules. They mimic T.V. idols, playing at being tough and looking cool. They suffer through acne, peer pressure, homework assignments and threats of after-school violence. Lessons takes us to the heart of what it's like for Grade 7 kids who enter high school at the bottom of the social ladder. It's that pivotal time when kids are struggling with issues of family, identity, self-esteem and sexuality; issues of lifelong concern which, all of a sudden, feel weighty with consequence. Roaming the corridors and classrooms of Montreal's Rosemount High School in true cinema verité style, this stirring documentary records one transitional year in the lives of Grade 7 students and teachers.

1995, 101 min 40 s