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Anatomy of Desire

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What makes one person gay, another straight? A quirk of genetics? Family life? Adolescent or early adult experience? Anatomy of Desire examines how science and social politics have shaped our notions of homosexuality through history. Using rare archival footage--from '60s drag artists and Stonewall activists to filmed psychotherapeutic "treatment" for homosexuality--the film exposes the joy and pain of a community barraged by outside efforts to define, control and sometimes even to eradicate it. With style and wit, Anatomy of Desire dishes the dirt on the historically rocky relationship between medical science, society and sexuality. Taking a queer look at straight culture and its use of popular media, here's a film that comes out laughing. And fighting.

1995, 47 min 53 s

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première place - catégorie: sexualité et développement de l'orientation sexuelle
Itinérant - National Council on Family Relations
Du 9 au 13 novembre 1996, East Lansing - États-Unis

Mention d'honneur
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 22 au 24 octobre 1996, Columbus - États-Unis

Deuxième Place - catégorie: Psychiatrie et santé mentale
Itinérant - American Journal of Nursing Media Festival / (American Nurses' Assoc. Convention)
Du 15 au 17 juin 1996, Washington - États-Unis