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From John Wayne to Elvira Kurt, from stills to computer animation, from waltz to rap--Economix offers an entertaining approach to economics. The eight programs in this four-volume series cover most major concepts in the senior secondary economics curriculum. The concepts are structured in order to tell a story in 3- or 4-minute clips, separated by animated questions. Each volume is approximately a half hour in length. Volume 1: Needs and Wants - The Market: Our choices must take into account the limited resources of our planet in exchanging of goods and services (32 min. 56 sec.). Volume 2: Production - Consumption: Competitiveness and cost-effectiveness are achieved by improving performance. Consumption choices should consider financial capacity (31 min. 23 sec.). Volume 3: The Banking System - The Role of Government: Financial institutions play a key role in economic development. Government economic policies regulate the public debt and effect society (36 min. 29 sec.). Volume 4: International Trade - Tomorrow's Challenges: Free trade permits better sharing of resources and promotes a balance in international trade through global economies (35 min. 5 sec.).

1996, 135 min 53 s