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Man Overboard

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The impending christening of his daughter--and the commitment to family life that it entails--drives author and broadcast journalist Ian Brown to ask what it means to be a man in the nineties. In Man Overboard, a follow-up to his acclaimed book of the same name, Brown sets out on the road in search of answers. Filmed in cars, on boats and planes, and in the space men call their homes, the camera follows Brown on a lighthearted road trip across Canada and the United States. Along the way, he meets a neo-Nazi who worships his mother, a man with three wives and 23 children, and a man who had the dream life and the dream wife until it all came crashing down. Brown draws a sympathetic, often humorous portrait of today's man: he who once thought of himself as hunter, gatherer, wise man, war-maker, defender of women and children, and sexual adventurer, is having a hard time adjusting to life as Domestic Man. It is a trip which eventually takes Brown, and the viewer, overboard.

1996, 77 min 20 s