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Mr. Bear's Song

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This charming video reveals the story behind the creation of a unique children's book.

Follow Fiona Garrick in her print shop, as she takes you along on a special journey of creation; whether writing, engraving, mixing ink colours, operating a 100-year-old printing press or hand binding, she treats every aspect of bookmaking with extraordinary skill and craft. In the era of the superstore and the media conglomerate, Garrick's work demonstrates that there is a place in a high-tech world for careful, contemplative creation.

Combining storytelling with passion and artistry, Mr. Bear's Song is destined to become a classic.

1997, 16 min 25 s

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Prix Silver CINDY - catégorie: Éducation
Itinérant - International CINDY Competition
1 septembre 1999, Spring Valley - États-Unis

Prix Bronze
WorldFest / Flagstaff International Film Festival
Du 13 au 22 novembre 1998, Houston - États-Unis

Mention d'honneur
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 19 au 22 octobre 1998, Columbus - États-Unis

prix Panasonic en reconnaissance du haut niveau de qualité de la production video
Itinérant - AMTEC
Du 3 au 6 juin 1998, Edmonton - Canada

prix d'excellence
Itinérant - AMTEC
Du 3 au 6 juin 1998, Edmonton - Canada

Prix Neil Shipman Award pour l'excellence de la production
Women in Cinema Film Festival
Du 23 au 29 janvier 1998, Seattle - États-Unis

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