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Under One Sky... Arab Women in North America Talk About the Hijab

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To Western eyes, the veil is one of the most contentious symbols of Middle Eastern culture. For some it represents the oppression of Muslim women, mysterious sexuality and the struggle between Eastern and Western values. But for the North American Arab women who wear the hijab, the veil is a proud emblem of their identity and heritage.

Against a backdrop of ads and Hollywood movies that exoticize or demonize the Middle Eastern woman, Under One Sky presents some very modern Arab women who trace their history, from early colonialist missions, to post-Gulf War feminism. Informed and articulate, these women reveal the ideologies behind the veil with passionate insight and unexpected flair.

Director Jennifer Kawaja discovers that Arab women are adamant about tearing away labels imposed by both East and West. Whether denouncing right wing anti-abortionists or defending the right of Muslim women not to wear the hijab, veiled Arab women see no reason to follow anyone's dogma.

1999, 43 min 30 s

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Prix Plaque de Bronze - categorie: Questions sociales
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 25 au 27 octobre 2000, Columbus - États-Unis