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First Nations, The Circle Unbroken - Video 5

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Twenty-three short programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on seven videocassettes. The accompanying teacher's guides provide context, background on the issues, discussion questions and activities. In Video 5: Qatuwas: People Gathering Together: (24 min.) Ages 9 to adult. A young Heiltsuk leader, Frank Brown, invites the First Nations of the West Coast to carve canoes and paddle to Bella Bella for a cultural celebration. O'Siem: (24 min.) Ages 13 to adult. Gene Harry, a spiritual leader and expert canoeist, describes his successful quest to rebuild his life through kindness, prayer, community service and rigourous training, with support from his family and community. Mi'kmaq Family: Migmaoei Otjiosog: (27 min.) Ages 9 to adult. An engaging and reflective visit with filmmaker Catherine Martin's extended family during an annual Mi'kmaq community gathering in Nova Scotia. Her documentary celebrates the strength and persistence of the cultural values among the Mi'kmaq in spite of a long period of colonization and cultural change. The Mind of a Child: (24 min.) Ages 13 to adult. Why were so many First Nations children dropping out of Vancouver schools? How could the schools change to meet their needs? Aboriginal educator Lorna Williams looks at the lasting impact of residential schools on First Nations communities, and investigates how aboriginal societies educated their children long before the arrival of colonial schools.

1999, 100 min 42 s