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The Pill

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The birth control pill has been described as the most powerful, most widely used drug ever developed in history. Conceived as a solution to the population explosion, it was a touchstone for the sexual liberation of the '60s. But to what extent was medical science willing to risk lives? Released without adequate testing, the high-dose Pill caused serious side effects and, in some cases, death. When the US government convened hearings to review the drug's safety, the new women's health movement claimed its first major victory - patient package inserts warning about the drug's side effects. This fascinating documentary offers a look at the hidden history of the oral contraceptive that changed the world and features interviews with Gloria Steinem and author Barbara Seaman, who wrote The Doctor's Case Against the Pill in 1969.

1999, 44 min 38 s

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Prix Bronze
Itinérant - HESCA Film Festival
1 juillet 2000, Jersey City - États-Unis

Prix Freddie
International Health and Medical Media Awards ( Freddie )
Du 12 au 13 novembre 1999, Rolling Hill Estates - États-Unis

Prix Plaque de Bronze - catégorie: Questions sociales
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 19 au 22 octobre 1999, Columbus - États-Unis

Prix spécial du Jury
Festival de film de Yorkton
Du 13 au 16 mai 1999, Yorkton - Canada