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Just Watch Me - Trudeau and the '70s Generation/Frenchkiss - La génération du rêve Trudeau

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It wasn't easy growing up under the elegant and enigmatic Pierre Trudeau. In Just Watch Me, we meet eight people from across the country who did: Anglo and Franco, separatist and federalist, idealist and realist. People whose personal and national dreams are intertwined. They are the Trudeau generation--Canadians who grew up during the '70s, like director Catherine Annau, who looks at the lasting effects of Trudeau's audacious attempt to reconfigure the idea of Canada. This hip documentary travels across the country, its inspired cinematography showing us places we thought we knew--from the snowdrifts of Iqaluit to the towers of Calgary--in a whole new light. And it's all to the sounds the Trudeau kids grew up with: BTO, Bran Van 3000, Harmonium and Mitsou. Most of all, this is a love story that takes us into the heart of an era and the hearts of the people who will shape Canada's future--the Trudeau generation. In English and French with subtitles.

1999, 75 min 51 s

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Statuette Chris - catégorie: Questions sociales
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 25 au 27 octobre 2000, Columbus - États-Unis

Prix Canada's Choice - meilleur long métrage documentaire
Moving Pictures
Du 1 avril au 1 novembre 2000, Toronto - Canada

Prix Génie décerné au meilleur long métrage documentaire
Prix Génie
30 janvier 2000, Montréal - Canada

MCTV Best Ontario Film Award - assorti d'une bourse de 5,000$
Du 20 au 26 septembre 1999, Sudbury - Canada

Prix "1999 CITY-TV" pour meilleur premier long métrage canadien
Festival international du film
Du 9 au 18 septembre 1999, Toronto - Canada