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Far from Home: Canada and the Great War - Sam's Army: Part 1

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Sam's Army is a compelling portrait of a complex man and the formidable military he built. Sam Hughes was not your standard-issue military leader. Canada's World War I Minister of Militia and Defence concentrated power in his own hands, insisted that the Canadian military use the ill-conceived Ross rifle and liberally promoted his cronies. But there was no denying Hughes was a visionary. He assembled the world's largest-ever volunteer army and bucked superiors to keep his ferocious fighting force together in one Canadian Corps. Sam's Army, Part 1 follows Hughes from Boer War days to his single-minded mobilization plan, which bypassed the existing bureaucracy but shut out French Canadians. It also gives us a feel for Canadian attitudes at the dawn of The Great War--a war which many believed would be swiftly and decisevely won by the British Empire. Using the words of ordinary soldiers, leaders and civilians, Far From Home: Canada and the Great War captures the hopes, dreams, fears and heartbreaks of a generation. In addition to the three videos making up Sam's Army, the series also includes The Battle of Vimy Ridge and The Last 100 Days.

1999, 32 min 47 s