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Canada at War - Volume 3 - 1943-1944

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This historic 4-volume series represents one of the NFB's most ambitious documentary projects. Culled from over 16 million feet of film shot by Canadian, British, American, German and Russian cameramen, the series powerfully details Canada's World War II effort, from the battlefronts abroad to the civilian fronts at home. In black and white.

Road to Ortona: July 1943 - January 1944 The Canadian 1st Division pushes into Italy. Italians surrender but the Germans resist. Ortona, a 15th-century town, riddled with bullets and grenades, is taken by Canadians in fierce street fighting.

New Directions: December 1943 - June 1944 In London, Commonwealth prime ministers meet and Mackenzie King holds out for Canadian independence in foreign policy. In the Arctic, Canadian ships sail with supplies for beleaguered Russia. The Italian campaign intensifies. In the south of England the Allies poise for attack.

The Norman Summer: June - September 1944 D-Day, June 6, 1944. Infantry carriers, including 110 ships of the Royal Canadian Navy, cross the sea to the coast of France while Allied air forces pound enemy positions. Cherbourg, Caen, Capriquet, Falaise and Paris are liberated. Canadians return, this time victorious, to the beaches of Dieppe.

2000, 74 min 29 s

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