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Mind Games

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Reality is all right, but sometimes you just need to get away! Mind Games shows that a vivid imagination may be the quickest way to escape. This mind-bending compilation of four animated shorts marks the video debut of The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg, a playful and poignant tale about the power of daydreaming, directed by Oscar® nominee Paul Driessen.

The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg
A young boy's vivid fantasy life is infinitely more interesting than his dull reality. When he finally finds himself facing a real-life drama, he can't believe his eyes.

In No Problem, directed by Craig Welch, a not-so-young bachelor battles another lonely Saturday. His psyche is not in the best shape, neurosis is fast setting in, and he has reached Zolga, the last entry in his little black book.

La Salla, directed by Richard Condie, is a comic opera featuring a character who does as he pleases, mindless of the consequences. In a room full of wind-up toys, he sets up a chain of disturbing events.

In Village of Idiots, directed by Eugene Fedorenko and Rose Newlove, Shmendrik, weary of daily life, sets out on a quest that brings him to a new village remarkably like the old one. This tale offers a funny take on our tendency to romanticize what we don't have.

2001, 42 min 35 s

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