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John Weldon's Deeper Dementia

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Oscar-winning animator John Weldon began his working life crunching numbers for an insurance firm. Luckily for us, he switched careers and found an outlet for his wry, demented humour. These six animated tales, in three acts, showcase his dazzling range of technique and his madcap genius at storytelling.

ACT I "Recyclomation"--Weldon: Medium and Raw
The Hungry Squid (2002, 14 min 31 s) Weldon introduces this tall tale and talks about his first experiment with puppet animation. The Lump (1991, 7 min 35 s) This animated parody on the qualities that lead to popularity and power is Weldon's first "recyclomation."

Emergency Numbers (1984, 2 min) A hilarious cat-and-dog fight.

ACT II The Mind Within
Real Inside (1984, 11 min 57 s) Buck is applying for an office job but he's a cartoon whose only experience is show biz. Scant Sanity (1996, 11 min 28 s) Introduced by Weldon, who describes his real-life inspiration for this wacky film. Of Dice and Men (1988, 11 min 7 s) Probability theory, as illustrated by John Weldon, started in the 17th century to settle a dispute over a dice game.

This is the second compilation of Weldon's animated shorts. John F. Weldon's Lighter Lunacy, with Frank the Wrabbit, To Be, Para Sight, Spinnolio, No Apple for Johnny, Special Delivery and Log Driver's Waltz was made in 1998.

2003, 63 min 44 s

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