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McLuhan's Wake Collector's Edition - DVD

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Fascinated by the role technology played in transforming our lives, one of the twentieth century's most famous intellectuals realized, with stunning accuracy, the impact the digital age would have on our social, spiritual, economic and ideological selves.

'The global village' and 'the medium is the message' are among the most quoted phrases of our time. Now, twenty years after his death, in the midst of an era of Internet, virtual and wired technologies, McLuhan's Wake explores the enduring hold of McLuhan's message. Blending all forms of media, including animation and special effects, McLuhan's Wake features narration by renowned performance artist Laurie Anderson, and commentary by scholars Eric McLuhan, Neil Postman and Lewis Lapham, and award-winning journalist Patrick Watson.

Includes the original feature-length documentary, along with exclusive supplemental interviews and features for McLuhan scholars and enthusiasts, assembled especially for this Collector's Edition DVD.

2002, 70 min