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From Book to Film: Animated Classics by Sheldon Cohen

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Bringing words to life is his specialty. Sheldon Cohen is a multi-award-winning animator, director, and children's book illustrator. His animated films, based on short stories by acclaimed writers, include universal themes for everyone to enjoy.

Roch Carrier's The Sweater about hockey hero "Rocket" Richard, has become a Canadian classic. Wilma Riley's controversial Pies shows how two neighbours are able to heal the wounds of prejudice over coffee. Snow Cat, by Dayal Kaur Khalsa, is a timeless tale where love endures in the face of loss, while her whimsical I Want a Dog applauds a child's ingenuity.

This compilation DVD celebrates 30 years of Sheldon Cohen's work. Hosted by charismatic Quebec author Roch Carrier, From Book to Film is rich with anecdotes about the filmmaker and insight into his animation process. It includes a mini-documentary, plus added bonus features such as early archival interviews rarely seen, as well at the Artist at Work, a recipe for animating a story and a sing-along Karaoke.

An irresistible package loaded with humour, ideas and optimism.

Includes: The Sweater (10 min 21 s), Snow Cat (14 min 37 s), I Want a Dog (10 min 9 s), Pies(12 min 14 s), Dreams Come True: A Sheldon Cohen Retrospective (13 min)
Bonus features: Karaoke, interviews, earlier films by Sheldon Cohen etc.

2005, 60 min 35 s

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