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War of 1812 - Part One: "When I Meet My Doom..."

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War of 1812 is a four-part documentary series that brings to life an extraordinary, but not well understood, conflict that decided the fate of North America, confirmed the creation of Canada, and annihilated for all time the dream of an independent Native nation.

Part One: "When I Meet My Doom..."
Tension mounts between the United States and Great Britain. War is inevitable. The British general Isaac Brock is determined to put up a good fight against the Americans. He sends 600 Ojibwa, 180 French-Canadian voyageurs and 60 redcoats to take Fort Mackinac, leading to the first victory of the war. Brock signs an agreement with Tecumseh, forging an alliance between British troops and Canada's First Nations. This episode also covers the taking of Detroit, the surrender of Governor Hull, the Battle of Queenston Heights and the death of General Brock.

1998, 46 min 08 s

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