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Circuit marine

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"All you need is food," the Beatles could have sung if they had been inspired by Circuit marine, a whimsical fantasy about our cruel, carnivorous world.

To be eaten or not to be eaten: that is the question for a ginger cat, a goldfish and a colourful parrot which a tender-hearted pirate tries to get to live happily together along with his hungry crew. We can only wonder who will be the next meal on this ship of food.

As the ship pitches and rolls to a sprightly gypsy tune, the cat relentlessly pursues the goldfish, and even the parrot gets into the act. But who is predator and who is prey? Everyone ends up down someone's gullet. Isabelle Favez's colourful and humorous film is a tasteful reminder that we're all links in the food chain.

2003, 07 min 45 s

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Prix Animated Dreams 2004 pour meilleure histoire
Black Nights Film Festival & Animated Dreams
Du 27 novembre au 12 décembre 2004, Tallinn - Estonie

Plaque de Bronze - catégorie: Enfants & adolescents
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 10 au 14 novembre 2004, Columbus - États-Unis

Mention d'honneur pour meilleur court métrage d'animation
Worldwide Short Film Festival
Du 11 au 16 mai 2004, Toronto - Canada

Mention spécial remis par le jury enfants
Festival international du film
Du 5 au 15 février 2004, Berlin - Allemagne

Prix du public du concours d'animation
Journées de Soleure
Du 19 au 25 janvier 2004, Soleure - Suisse