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The Girl Who Hated Books

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Meena, whose name means "fish" ins Sanskrit, does not like to read. In fact, she hates (yes, hates) anything to do with books and reading. Which worries her parents, who love (yes, love) books, to the point of being able to read three at a time. One day while searching for her kitten Max, Meena is introduced to the magical worlds within books, and nothing, as they say, is the same after that. Based on the book by Manjusha Pawagi.

2006, 07 min 21 s

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Prix ONF pour meilleur film d'animation
Reel to Real International Film Festival for Youth and Families
Du 23 février au 2 mars 2007, Vancouver - Canada

Prix Chris - catégorie: Enfants & Adolescents
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 7 au 12 novembre 2006, Columbus - États-Unis