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ExtraOrdinary Lives - Episode 1 - Fate

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Phyllis Peterson

On Aug. 15, 1967 Victor Earnest Hoffman went on a psychotic rampage, killing Peterson's father, mother, and her seven brothers and sisters at their Shell Lake farm in northern Sask. Peterson, who was four at the time, survived the bloody massacre by hiding under a blanket between the bodies of two of her sisters. She grew up in anonymity and has recently come forward to protest the release of Victor Hoffman.

Krista Rempel

Krista Rempel, an Emergency Medical Technician, was first on the scene in two separate cases involving "Miracle Babies". In 1994, she was called to assist 2-year-old Karlee Kosolowfski, who had been accidentally locked out of her Saskatchewan home in -20degree winter weather. Seven years later and 1000km to the west in Edmonton, a similar scene unfolded, when 13-month old Erika Norby slipped outside in -24degree winter weather. In an amazing coincidence, Krista Rempel was once again on the scene to help. Both babies, clinically dead, beat all odds to make a full recovery.

2002, 22 min 30 s

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