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Wonder Women - DVD

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Wonder Women is a riotous mix of ladies fresh out of their creators' imaginations. They're raring to go.

At 96, Louise's plans sometimes miscarry, but her sense of humour is foolproof. Mabel manoeuvres between work, teenage daughters, an elderly mother - and hot flashes. A hard scrabble farmer enjoys a simple relationship with her animals: she loves them, kills them, eats them. A Norwegian woman uses humble means to thwart an ill-intentioned king. Sophie, at her retirement party, announces that she doesn't have time to be old. Phyllis juggles the demands of her flock of sheep with the ardour of her suitor. Two friends rock and knit together while their lives flashback to memorable moments.

In Wonder Women, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. This collection of seven award-winning animation films reflects the richness of the human experience.

2004, 69 min

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