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Bloomsday Cabaret

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Set in Dublin and St. John's, Newfoundland, Bloomsday Cabaret celebrates the music in the life and work of James Joyce. In Dublin, Irish singers Aine Whelan and Paul Harrington are joined by opera diva Mary Lou Fallis from Toronto. They perform some great hits from 1904: "Love's Old Sweet Song," "Sally Gardens," "Finnegan's Wake" and many more.

Bloomsday is celebrated around the world every year by devotees of the Irish novelist James Joyce, claimed by many to be the greatest writer of the 20th century. June 16, 2004 saw the largest Bloomsday ever, since it marked the 100th anniversary of the day that Leopold Bloom, Ulysses' main character, set out on his odyssey through the streets of Dublin.

Led by Joycean devotee, Newfoundland's own Bryan Hennessey and the young actress Sherry White, the ensemble performs in pubs, theatres and the streets of Dublin.

Back in Newfoundland, the Bloomsday Cabaret is held at the Majestic Theatre in the old town of St. John's for a rowdy evening of song and dance. Their exploration of music in Joyce's writing is interpreted with the help of Irish Joycean Terence Killeen, Joyce's nephew Ken Monaghan and Canada's own Joycean scholar, Michael Groden.

2005, 47 min 50 s

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