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edgecode: experimental film initiative

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edgecode: experimental film initiative is a compilation of five short experimental films, the result of an open competition for new experimental work using the classic medium of film. Compelling and provocative, the films are far from the edges of convention and all play with the term "edge code" - whether it's the individual words, a play on its meaning or technical reference. The result is cutting-edge experimentation that pushes the boundaries of the moving image medium.

Underfoot / 5 min 1 s / black and white
A rapid-fire dissection of the earth's surface and soil, teeming with life and pulsing abstraction, Underfoot is Alex Mackenzie's experimental study of the insect world using a specially built film exposure device where actual living insects are rendered as photograms on the surface of the film stock.

(Post) Modern Times / 5 min 50 s / black and white
Riffing on the conventions of silent cinema, Brian Johnson's (Post) Modern Times examines one of the era's masterpieces - Chaplin's Modern Times - in the context of postmodern culture. The film responds to perceived shortcomings of postmodernism by exploring an integrated relationship between music and cinematic structure.

Sayonara Super 8 / 5 min 59 s
Pia Yona Massie's Sayonara Super 8 uses personal archival footage to ask questions about the fragile nature of memory, human relationships and the foibles of the medium itself.

I thought of you often / 5 min 25 s
Translated from a self-reflexive Chinese saying, Yun Lam Li's I thought of you often, this film is a visual poem about the meaning of aging within a culture that is not one's own.

Mechanical/Animal Memory / 5 min 34 s / black and white
Exploring the dual use of film as both a mnemonic device and as a documentary archive, Amanda Dawn Christie uses images from home movies that have been damaged. Images slide around on the screen, revealing areas of film that are not normally projected (edge code, sprockets, and optical track).

2006, 27 min 38 s