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Wards of the Crown/Les enfants de la Couronne

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For 10 months, Andrée Cazabon tracked four young people as they prepared to leave the child welfare system. The result is Wards of the Crown, a stirring documentary about a little-known reality.

Leaha, Andrew, Emily and Chantal are among the 66,000 youngsters in the child welfare system in Canada. These four young people, all between 16 and 20 years old, speak candidly about their lives. Though their revelations are heartbreaking, the film never comes across as sensationalist. Their shocking disclosures have the ring of truth. With great empathy and a real gift for listening, the filmmaker skilfully blends the four stories.

Wards of the Crown pays tribute to the incredible strength, courage and resilience of four foster kids whose hunger for life is inspiring.

2005, 48 min 31 s

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