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The Man Who Waited

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For his entire life, a man has waited outside a closed door. What lies behind? The truth he seeks or another door? Featuring stark animation and a powerful expressionist line, the film illustrates a fruitless and absurd quest for truth. Based on a parable by Kafka, this timeless story is enriched with the mesmerizing music of Arvo Pärt and the sober narration by Tony Robinson. Technique: digital images suggesting linocuts.

2006, 07 min 24 s

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Diplôme honorifique
Festival International du film d'animation
Du 25 février au 1 mars 2007, Téhéran - Iran

Prix 2: Onda Curta
Festival international de cinéma d'animation / CINANIMA
Du 6 au 12 novembre 2006, Espinho - Portugal

Prix de l'Institut canadien du film - Meilleur film d'animation canadien
Festival international d'animation
Du 20 au 24 septembre 2006, Ottawa - Canada