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Bonus DVD 2 - Supplement Maroon/Marron

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Zarico is the distinct folk music of the Black Francophone Creole culture of southwestern Louisiana. This documentary retraces the footsteps of the Creole population and the various musical influences and development of the style and Zarico's influence on jazz, the blues and even, rock. Includes French and English version.

Liberty Street Blues
Liberty Street Blues celebrates the rhythm and heartfelt joy of a people whose roots date back to the time of slavery in this tour of the birthplace of modern jazz. Walk through the back streets of New Orleans with professor Michael White, the Young Tuxedos and the Young Olympian Social Aid and Pleasure Club on their annual parade, as their music gathers an impromptu audience from all walks of life. Includes French and English versions.

2005, 165 min 03 s

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