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Canada Remembers - Disc 2

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Includes Part Three - Endings and Beginnings and in bonus Order of Battle

Paratroopers dropping down to fight beyond the Rhine ushered in the final phase of the war in Europe, a war that was in its sixth year. In Endings and Beginnings, veterans recount their memories of that epochal conflict, in combination with outstanding footage filmed by army cameramen at the front. VE-Day - victory in Europe - on May 8, 1945, saw exuberant celebrations in Canadian cities, but there was still the war in the Far East to be won. The film documents Canada's contributions toward that goal, which was finally achieved four months later. In the aftermath of the war, a confident Canadian industry converted to peacetime purposes. But, on the personal level, peace could be intimidating. A former sailor recalls, "The big objective was to get the uniform off and get a job. I had to learn a whole new set of rules and a whole new way of living - very quickly." Interspersed with archival footage are the vivid memories of men and women who recall life during the war years.

2005, 50 min

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