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Puppet Palooza/Marionnette en vadrouille

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In Puppet Palooza, an urban landscape, the high seas and a funky snack bar are the site of some unexpected and thrilling adventures. Two city kids searching for their lost kite stumble upon an extraordinary world inhabited by an amazing creature. A cyclop working as a lighthouse keeper faces disaster as the result of his adopted goldfish. A musical extravaganza inside a jukebox stars a swarm of weird and wacky cockroaches. Included are the animated films: Ruzz and Ben and The Cyclop of the Sea by Philippe Julien and Juke-Bar by Martin Barry.

Karaoke bonus: Félix Leclerc chante Cadet Rousselle. This sparkling gem of a short features the wonderful voice and guitar of Félix Leclerc, a traditional French folk song, and the gorgeous illustrations of Jean Dallaire.

2006, 53 min 42 s

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