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Big Drive

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From Anita Lebeau, director of the award-winning film Louise, comes Big Drive—the story of a family road trip across the Canadian prairies set in the 1970s. An exuberant exploration of childhood imagination, Big Drive invites audiences of all ages to see the world as it appears “from the back seat.”

In an era before in-car movies and video games, four sisters squeeze into the back of the family car for a long journey. While the parents keep a steady watch on the road ahead, restlessness gradually gives way to mayhem in the car’s close quarters. Just before the ride becomes unbearable, the sisters are inspired to combine their creative energy. Suddenly, the big drive becomes an even bigger adventure.

A story about sisterhood and the impulse to create, Big Drive showcases Lebeau's signature blend of classical hand-drawn animation and photo-realistic images. The film is complemented by a lively score from Winnipeg composer Dan Frechette.

2011, 09 min 15 s

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The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity Award for Achievement in Animation
Newport Beach Film Festival
Du 26 avril au 3 mai 2012, Newport - États-Unis

Prix du meilleur court métrage d'animation remis par le jury enfant
Children's Film Festival
Du 26 janvier au 5 février 2012, Seattle - États-Unis

Prix ONF du jury des jeunes pour le meilleur court métrage d’animation
Freeze Frame International Children Film Festival
Du 3 au 12 mars 2011, Winnipeg - Canada

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