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Irish Canadian Rangers Visit to Ireland

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Compilation showing Irish Guards, 16th (Irish) Division and 36th (Ulster) Division on the Western Front between late 1915 and the middle of 1917, and a Canadian battalion touring Ireland, 1917.

Connaught Rangers (?) probably in a training area, throwing smoke grenades and charging forward. Damage done to a “well constructed German dugout”. A British 60-pounder battery being shelled. German soldiers helping to carry trophies and wounded of 16th Division, Somme area, late 1916. 36th (Ulster) Division staff, including Major- General Nugent, and some of its troops. Graves just behind the Irish Guards line. A church parade in memory of the dead. Major Redmond’s grave in the Hospice at Locre. Irish and Australian walking wounded, posed for the camera, just arrived at Dover (?). A tour round Ireland in June 1917 of Canadian 55th Battalion, (Duchess of Connaughts Own Irish Canadian Rangers), under Colonel O’Donoughie. They go through Cork, Belfast, Blarney Castle and Limerick, ending with a sermon preached for them by Cardinal Logue in Armagh Cathedral where the battalion colours were laid up for the wars duration.

British propaganda towards Ireland during the war was understated and covert, at least in films. This episode makes no effort to enlist sympathy for the British cause or the Irish soldiers. It merely provides evidence for the fact that the British Army on the Western Front contained a number of organised formations made up exclusively of Irishmen.

1918, 08 min 24 s

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