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Pierre Perrault Film Works - Volume 1: The Île-aux-Coudres Trilogy

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The works of Quebec filmmaker Pierre Perrault are unique in world cinema heritage. They directly capture life and the spoken word, filmed by an explorer and poet who set out to discover a corner of humankind not recorded in books.

The revival of a fishing tradition abandoned 40 years earlier, a journey to ancestral France and the stories told by schooner makers and pilots: these films give us the extraordinary characters who inhabit an island in the St. Lawrence River, Île-aux-Coudres.

The Île-aux-Coudres trilogy is a groundbreaking adventure in direct cinema and a unique contribution to Quebec history and culture. This 4-DVD box set comprises four films and two interviews exclusive to La collection Mémoire. The films are Pour la suite du monde (For the Ones to Come) 1963, 105 min 22 s; Le règne du jour (The Times that Are) 1967, 118 min 19 s; Les voitures d'eau (The River Schooners) 1968, 110 min 33 s; and Le beau plaisir (The Beautiful Delight) 1968, 14 min 52 s. The interviews are entitled Pierre Perrault parle de l'Île-aux-Coudres (Pierre Perrault Speaks of Île-aux-Coudres) 1999, 39 min 43 s and Pierre Perrault vu par... (Pierre Perrault Seen By...) 1999, 30 min 3 s.

The set also includes an exclusive 104-page booklet containing analyses, criticism and comments published in French and in English when the films were released or for events devoted to Pierre Perrault. The DVDs offer subtitling in English and French. They are all closed captioned (in French) for the hearing-impaired.

2007, 418 min 52 s

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