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Bevel Up - Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing - DVD/Biseau vers le haut - DVD

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Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing (Biseau vers le haut) explores how to deliver the most effective - and least judgmental - healthcare to people who use drugs. This groundbreaking teaching DVD combines a 45-minute documentary with an additional 3.5 hours of interactive menus and additional interviews and footage. Available in English and with an option for French subtitles, the Bevel Up DVD also includes a 100 page English teaching manual and a French language version on a CD-ROM.

Bevel Up: the documentary (45 min) follows street nurses from the outreach street program of the BC Centre for Disease Control as they work with youth, sex workers, and street-entranched men and women in the alleys and hotels of Vancouver's inner city. The footage is startling in its intimacy, compassion, and real-life drama. Divided into chapters, each segment offers additional compelling on-location footage and expert interviews. Key ethical, practical and legal issues are discussed and debated by the nurses featured in the documentary as well as a nursing ethicist and nursing practice consultant from the British Columbia College of Nurses.

Bevel Up also features an additional 26 expert interviews that further examine key topics dealing with healthcare and drug use. The people interviewed range from one of Canada's top doctors in brain chemistry (with animation illustrating the effect of heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth on the brain) to clients who use drugs demonstrating drug use and how it affects them. In between, menus tackle many subjects including: Drugs and Pregnancy, Mental Health, Prohibition, and Sex Work.

2007, 45 min