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Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit/Oncle Bob à l'hôpital

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Uncle Bob is getting up in years, but manages quite well, thank you. Then an unexpected illness changes everything. Suddenly he's scooped out of his safe and familiar surroundings and deposited inside the foreign and chaotic world of the hospital. Here the once self-reliant Uncle Bob becomes vulnerable and dependent.

Uncle Bob's hospital stay is fraught with difficulties. Day in day out he is inundated by a constant barrage of intruders, from the nurse who wakes him up to take his sleeping pill, to well-meaning visitors who bring him food he can't eat.

As his hospital stay lengthens, Uncle Bob's spirits and health decline, and his old life becomes a distant memory. It isn't until one very special visitor reminds Uncle Bob just how much he is loved and needed that he finds a reason to get well.

Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit is a charming look at the importance of cheer, hope and love in the healing process.

2008, 14 min 11 s

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