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Spirit of the Trees: Natural Harmony

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Spirit of the Trees weaves together Native voices, art and music from 40 indigenous tribes and nations. Narrated by the late actor/musician Floyd Red Crow Westerman, this remarkable journey with First Nations People gives insight into the traditions of their spiritual practices, foods and medicines, art and music, shelter and land management - all inseparably connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth.

Natural Harmony: (Southeast) The Seminole Nation is made up of remnants of a number of southeastern tribes and escaped slaves who fled to the Florida Everglades and its virgin forests, cypress swamps and rivers of grass. The natual harmony they developed with the Everglades ecosystem ultimately ensured their survival, and today they thrive as the "unconquered Seminole Nation." This segment shares their journey into the 21st century through stories, photos, traditions and current efforts to preserve cultural knowledge and natural harmony with the land.

2008, 28 min 31 s

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