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This Is Our Planet, This Is Our Earth - Volume 1 (Disc 1)/Notre planète, notre terre - Volume 1 (Disque 1)

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This Is Our Planet, This Is Our Earth is a series of documentaries that expose various environmental situations and evoke us to understand the impact while empowering and encouraging all of us to make positive changes. The passion for the truth and the openness of those involved is essential to making a difference for our planet earth.

In Toxic Trespass, intrepid filmmaker Barri Cohen launches an investigation into the effects of the chemical soup around us. She starts with her 10-year-old daughter, whose blood carries carcinogens like benzene and the long-banned DDT. Then, Cohen heads out to Windsor and Sarnia: Canadian toxic hotspots, with startling clusters of deadly diseases. Toxic Trespass is accompanied by a comprehensive guidebook for educators, activists and concerned citizens.

2009, 80 min 05 s

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