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This Is Our Planet, This Is Our Earth - Volume 2 (Disc 3)/Notre planète, notre terre - Volume 2 (Disque 3)

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This Is Our Planet, This Is Our Earth features a series of documentary exposés that describe environmental problems around the globe. These films help us to understand the issues while encouraging all of us to make positive changes. The passion for truth and the commitment shown by the environmentalists we meet affirm the possibilities of making a difference for our planet Earth.

Prince Edward Island – a rural paradise and a safe haven from the city. But is this image a mirage? Many of the children on the Island can't catch their breath. PEI has the highest rate of hospital admissions for asthma in Canada, and many affected never leave home without an inhaler. Hanging over the farmers' fields, reaching into every city and town, is an invisible cloud of extremely dangerous poisons.

2009, 68 min 44 s

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