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Vanishing Point

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A dog team pulls an Inughuit family across the vast sea ice of Greenland. But with the terrain melting beneath them, the dogs break through the surface, plunging into frigid polar waters.

 Navarana, an elder and one of the passengers on this sled, is coming to terms with the unprecedented changes facing all Arctic peoples. In the 1860s, Navarana’s visionary ancestor—a shaman from Baffin Island, Canada, named Qitdlarssuaq—embarked on a legendary and epic journey, leading an Inuit migration to Greenland. It was this shaman’s quest that introduced vital bloodlines and technology to Navarana’s beleaguered forbearers. Over 150 years later, Navarana travels to her ancestor’s homeland to connect with her distant Canadian cousins.

 Navarana accompanies families from both regions on their annual hunting journeys. She witnesses how these two genetically-linked groups of Inuit have adapted differently to outside influences and to the inescapable changes that affect their hunting traditions. Through her experiences, she hopes to find the key to making the right choices for her people’s survival.

 Navarana draws inspiration and hope from the ties that still bind these two communities, as well as from the legacy of her intrepid ancestor, at a time when circumpolar peoples are facing the greatest social and environmental challenges in their history.

2012, 82 min 23 s

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Kamera Alpin in Gold Award (Alpine and Foreign Cultures)
International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival
Du 12 au 16 novembre 2013, Graz - Autriche

Deuxième prix Rigoborta Menchú
Présence Autochtone (Terres en Vues)
Du 30 juillet au 7 août 2013, Montréal - Canada

Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity
Annual Alberta Film and Television Awards
25 mai 2013, Edmonton - Canada

Audience Choice Award
Available Light Film Festival
Du 4 au 10 février 2013, Whitehorse - Canada