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Wiebo's War - DVD/La guerre de Wiebo - DVD

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Wiebo’s War tells the story of a man’s epic battle with the oil and gas industry and asks provocative questions about an individual's civil liberties. The problems of Reverend Wiebo Ludwig and his clan began in the 1990s, when they discovered that their farm lay on top of one of the largest undeveloped fields of natural gas on the continent. Wells were drilled in close proximity to their home, in Alberta, despite the family’s concerns over their potentially harmful impact. Soon after, livestock began to die, and the Christian community started experiencing health problems, including a series of miscarriages. After five years of being ignored by the oil and gas industry, Ludwig decided to fight for his land and his family’s survival This feature documentary by filmmaker David York is a nuanced portrait of a man driven to extremes, vilified by the media and alienated from his community. It raises the unsettling question: How far would you go to defend your family and your land?

More than 80 minutes of additional scenes and music!

2011, 93 min 12 s

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