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Poppety in the Fall

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Fall arrives, and Balthasar’s kingdom is mysteriously bereft of stories. Boredom   and gloominess abound. Poppety, the grumpy hedgehog, suspects that Boniface, the naughty storyteller, has something to do with it. Setting off to track him down, he soon discovers the secret. The villain had stolen a unicorn’s horn, enacting a curse that transformed his rascally face into a wolf’s head. The solution is to take the horn back into The Belly of the Earth. Poppety will lead the expedition, accompanied by Dame Jeannette and Mélusine. During their journey through a maze of underground caves and under the sea, the adventurers will get to the bottom of it all, uncovering a huge secret from the past that will resonate in Léon’s heart. Poppety in the Fall concludes the series of four seasons in the life of the lovable, half-human bear cub Léon, completing an enchanting epic. A moving and accomplished animated work about love, family and forgiveness. The film is also available in stereoscopic 3D.

2012, 27 min

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Meilleur film d'animation pour enfants
Festival international du cinéma d'animation
Du 22 au 27 avril 2014, Stuttgart - Allemagne

Prix pour un Spécial TV
Festival international du film d'animation
Du 10 au 15 juin 2013, Annecy - France

Rockie Award- Animation Program
World Media Festival
Du 9 au 12 juin 2013, Banff - Canada

Mention spéciale du jury des jeunes
Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma d'Animation
Du 12 au 20 novembre 2012, Wissembourg - France

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