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Trick or Treaty?

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Covering a vast swath of northern Ontario, Treaty No. 9 reflects the often contradictory interpretations of treaties between First Nations and the Crown. To the Canadian government, this treaty represents a surrendering of Indigenous sovereignty, while the descendants of the Cree signatories contend its original purpose to share the land and its resources has been misunderstood and not upheld. Enlightening as it is entertaining, Trick or Treaty? succinctly and powerfully portrays one community’s attempts to enforce their treaty rights and protect their lands, while also revealing the complexities of contemporary treaty agreements. Trick or Treaty? made history as the first film by an Indigenous filmmaker to be part of the Masters section at TIFF when it screened there in 2014.

2014, 84 min 43 s

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The Mark Haslam Award
Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival
Du 6 au 9 novembre 2014, Toronto - Canada

Prix du public
Imagine Native Film + Media Arts Festival
Du 22 au 26 octobre 2014, Toronto - Canada

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