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Mosaic Village

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« A neighbourhood at the word's epicentre. Unforgettable faces. We're in Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal's most cosmopolitan borough, where 75 ethnic groups live side by side. Not long ago, it was a village. Today, it's a small universe. Words and glances, sounds and colours swirl at a dizzying pace – the neighbourhood’s pulse. But the human diversity here, combined with the economic crisis, leads to tensions. Some women manage to overcome them and thrive through their contact with a society that considers them equal to men. One day, Lucie Lachapelle began knocking on the doors that isolated her from her neighbours to make a dense and vibrant film about freedom and being uprooted. A sensitively crafted film set to urban music composed by Montreal jazz artist Harold Faustin. »

1996, 50 min 25 s

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Prix du Multiculturalisme
Prix Gémeaux
27 septembre 1998, Montréal - Canada