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The Cosmic Link

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Where do we come from? The award-winning The Cosmic Link takes us on a fascinating odyssey, in the company of some world-renowned scientists whose discoveries into the natural world are providing some clues to this age-old question. Could the first life forms, which appeared some four billion years ago, have originated in organic cosmic dust? One thing is certain: all life on our planet shares some of the same genetic code and developed from the same evolutionary tree. But could life have evolved in a completely different way? What if there were living organisms with a genetic structure entirely unlike ours? The key to this mystery may be found in space. Christian de Duve, biochemist and Nobel Prize winner, astronomer Michel Mayor and biopaleontologist Michael Caldwell of the Canadian Museum of Nature help shed brilliant light on our cosmic link with the rest of the universe.

2000, 51 min 45 s

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Prix Plaque de Bronze - catégorie: Sciences et technologie
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 23 au 26 octobre 2001, Columbus - États-Unis

Gerbe d'Or - catégorie: Sciences et nature
Festival de film de Yorkton
Du 24 au 27 mai 2001, Yorkton - Canada

Serpent de bronze - assorti d'une bourse de 200,000PTE (997,60E)
Du 22 au 26 mai 2001, Obidos - Portugal

Premier Prix - meilleur film du festival
(Ronda) Bienal International de Cine Cientifico
Du 13 au 18 novembre 2000, Malaga - Espagne

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